Remarks on the better admissible multimaps


  • S. Park The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea; Seoul 06579, Korea and Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul 08826, Korea


KKM theory, Better admissible class of multimaps, Klee approximable set, Abstract convex space


For a quite long period, we investigated the better admissible class $\f{B}$ of multimaps on abstract convex spaces. In a paper of Liu et al. [1] in 2010, an extended class $\f{B}^+$ is introduced and fixed point theorems for maps in such class are proved. As a consequence, they deduce fixed point theorems on abstract convex $\Phi$-spaces. However, we note that $\f{B} = \f{B}^+$ and all results in [1] are known by the present author.

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